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Chase The Lion

In the Book of 2 Samuel we read about a man named Benaiah. We are told that he went down into a pit and killed a lion on a day when snow had fallen. That action propelled him to the head of the King's security and onto the pages of God's Word. In life we are going to face some situations that create fear. What we do in those moments communicates who God is to the world around us. This series is geared toward helping us face our fears and chase our own lions.


The Periodic Table of Elements identifies an element based on the number of protons found in the nucleus. That number help us know what the element is. What if there was an identifier of authentic faith? In this series we take a look at the Fruit of the Spirit, the element, the identifier of authentic faith in the life of every believer.

No Turning Back

What were we deciding when we decided to follow Jesus?  Why is it that have such a hard time not turning back from faithfully following? This series is designed to help us own our decision and equip us to faithfully follow Jesus.

The Four Cups

There were four promises given by God in Exodus 6 to the nation of Israel. Today, these same four promises are given to us. See how these promises have been met in this series as we look toward the celebration of Jesus' Resurrection.

Your Part Matters

The church is made up of people from all walks of life. We are all different in our gifts and talents. Because we all have something unique about us, we need each other to reach the world with the Gospel. Listen in to found out how you can serve Christ at OBC.

Renew Your Mind

Changing your life is only possible through changing of your mind. As the new year begins, the best decision you can make is to renew your mind. Examine with us how to do so by applying the Word of God to our lives.

In Context 2019

Context determines our interpretation of situations. Take a look back with us at all God has done in 2019 and how He wants to bless us moving forward in 2020.


What appetites do you give yourself over to? What cravings can you not resist? What thing this holiday season do you think you have to have to be satisfied? Listen in as we hear how Jesus fulfills every appetite in our lives.

Colossians: Christ Alone

When writing to the church at Colossae, Paul argued that there was nothing else needed for salvation except Christ Alone. Even today, we believers can try to add and take away from Christ's completed work and His Word, even if we don't admit it. Join us as we remind ourselves that Christ is more than enough for all our needs.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the least understood member of The Trinity and He is also the one who can have the most impact on our daily lives. This series will unpack who He is and how He influences us to live a life dedicated to Christ.


Growth doesn't happen in comfort zones.


It's not one big thing that changes your life, it's the small things done consistently. 


Many of us feel the need to serve others, but do not have the means or time to travel across the world to serve. While these missions are needed, there are plenty of opportunities to serve in our local communities!


We all have things in our lives that we need to let go. Join us as we look at some of the most common issues cluttering our spiritual lives.


Journey with us as we discover our true identity.


Aftermath: The period following an event and the effects caused by that event. What happens after the most significant events in our faith's history?

SWAT 2019 -       Get Connected

Check out this recap of our Students' D-Now Weekend.

God in the Hands of Angry People

Most all of us deal with moments of anger, but how can we handle this in a Godly manner?

I Love My Church

We say we love so many things, but when's the last time we said, "I love my church"? Journey with us as we explore and highlight what's to love. 


New Year, Less Me. 

A Thrill of Hope

Finding Hope in the Christmas season. 

The Book of James

Exploring the Book of James. 

All In

How different would your life look if you went All In with your faith?

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